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Farming Our Way

Here at Morningswood Farm, whilst not certified organic, we are committed to increasing our productivity from the soil up. We have started by increasing the biology and nutritional value of our soil through green crops, mineral applications and sheep, cow and chicken manures.

We aim to be certified organic in the future but until then we will rely on whoelsome organic farm practices to achieve the best quality products we can offer for our consumers.

Due to being organic we have employed the help of four (so far) sure footed goats to help in controlling our two main pest weeds, Gorse and Blackberry. After they have moved through an area we bring in our trusty tractor and slasher/disk plough/rotary hoe to finish the job and apply corrective rock minerals, organic matter in the form of manures and seeds for cover crops that we then ‘chop and drop’ to help build up soil life.

100% Compostable Packaging

Our punnets are made from a product derived from corn sugar or dextrose that comes from plants with starch. The dextrose is fermented and distilled into lactic acid. The lactic acid is then transformed into plastic-like resin called PLA. (Polylactide)

These PLA products are completely compostable and will compost in under 2 months in a commercial composting facility but may take 12 months or more in a home composting system.

Our label is also compostable, printed on eco-gloss paper using a vegetable Ink by Black Rainbow Printing who are proud of their 100% carbon neutral printing process. Check out their green credentials here

We are currently testing what best results in a fast compost in your home bin so remember to subscribe to keep informed.

On The Horizon

Our commitment to running a sustainable farm and business is at the core of our operations, having an influence and shaping how and what we do daily.

Just a few of the areas we are currently exploring for further improvement are;

  • A card punnet, currently we are talking to a number of suppliers about what options can be offered.
    • Our main driver for this is improved compostability & produced with recycled inputs
  • BYO container scheme,
    • We love going to our local market and seeing how many people bring their own bags so would like to build on this

We pride ourselves on quality and that starts with our key suppliers. Here are just a few, please contact us for any additional information or subscribe to stay in the loop.