Flail of a time with our new mower

All hail the flail!
We are very happy organic weed whacking farmers after the arrival of our much anticipated flail mower.

This mean looking piece of kit is similar to a rotary hoe in that a central shaft is spun via the PTO but instead of spinning tines that go into the soil, small hammers are spun that cut grass and mulch everything else. We went for the mulching option as it fits in well with our organic methods of weed management. Apart from being a lot of fun we have have found that by mulching at keys times and repetitively we will see a reduction in these land gobbling species over time. This will free up land for our berry production but also for the regeneration of native species.



Check out LG destroying the last of some Gourse down the back paddock. We aim to mow at key times such as when in flower to put maximum stress on the weeks and also allow cover plants to grow.

Other areas of the farm continue to enjoy the spring weather with bulbs in flower all over the place and our bramble berry rows starting to form delicious buds!

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