Winter has come to Morningswood Farm

It SNOWED!!!! Although snow is not an unusual phenomenon in these parts this kind of heavy, settling snow was a once in 30 year phenomenon. In Eganstown it settled and stayed around long enough for farmer Pete to get his snow board out and fore fill a childhood dream of snowboarding at home (please note the term ‘snowboarding’ is used loosely considering gumboots were worn)

The silence that comes with a heavy dump of snow is hard to explain, but everything goes quiet bar the sharp call of the birds and the soft sounds of large flakes of snow landing.

Some time ago we saw a tank covered in ring-lock then decorated with all manor of rusty treasures and ever since we have had it on the list to do something similar. We decided to use some old mattress spring frames instead of the ring lock but we think they look pretty good. Claire is excited as it’s another excuse to collect treasure

Check out our Instagram to see what it looks like now.

Last job to tick off before Spring hits us is to prune, tie and weed the bramble berries. The V-trellising system that we use means that the previous years growth can be easily removed and the new growth picked up and wound onto the trellis with ease. Clean up was super easy – leave the trimmings in the middle of the rows and the tractor and flail mower will take care of it later, easy!

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