Strawberry Jam

Our Strawberry patch is now in full swing but due to our learner farmer status we have found ourselves with not only a huge amount of strawberries but more seconds than we had planned. With most seconds being damaged by bug attack, be that grass hoppers, beetles or some other little friend sharing the fruit, we have been busy hulling and freezing as much as we can to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Part of the seconds journey has been working out what to do with them. After some searching we found a small scale processing factory, a mere 7km away from the farm! As a result we have been able to turn what would have been at least 50kgs of wasted fruit into 300 jars of yummy jam!

This first batch was used for the thank you gift at our wedding and the balance has been an great tool for trade!

Pete was lucky enough to help out a bit with the jam making and took a few pictures as the strawberries were first cooked down with sugar and then jarred, have a look at the pictures and the short video of our first ever jam coming off the bottling line.

With the last of the seasons fruit we are hoping to explore some other preserve types, stay tuned to see how they go and what they might be!
We have had so many learning opportunities this season that we feel even more ready to tackle the coming season.

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