Trellis Trials

Here at Morningswood Farm we are all about the learning, everything we have done so far has been focused around trying to rule out what works best for us, and to that end we have been working hard with our next lesson – trellising.

Pete has done a lot of research into the various ways in which we can trellis up our brambles (raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries etc) and the one method that has had the best feedback was V trellis. This involves putting in stakes at 30 degrees along the row to form a V and then straining wires from one end to the other off a hardwood post (the less treated pine the better) also set at 30 degrees.

Despite only trialing one type of trellis we still have lots to learn, with a number of different variations being tested in our rows from picket spacing (7.5m, 5m & 10m) to wire heights and irrigation variations.

Time will tell what works for us and that’s what we find so fascinating about farming, every day is a school day and our learning is fuelled by trial and error.

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