Release the ‘hounds’

Not really hounds, but way more ferocious are our new allies in an ongoing war. Meet Montdorensis, the newest member in our organic war on bugs!

All over the farm, but particularly in the strawberry patch, our plants have been enduring white fly and thrip attack. These little flying beasts feed on the sap of plants and not only damage the foliage but their activities can result in odd looking (and not as tasty) fruit. 

After much research and debate on how to find an organic and enduring solution to our problem we settled on releasing purpose bought beneficial insects. The Montdorensis will feed on the thrip and white fly larvae and hopefully we will will begin to see a decline in their population over the coming weeks. We have also coupled this with some sticky traps which contain a pheromone that attracts thrip or white fly to it them and feed the plants with some seaweed, fish emulsion and sulphate of potash.  In farming often issues have to be solved with a multi-pronged approach and we are definitely learning that here at Morningswood Farm.

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