Fernery Gets a Bed

With the weather warming up this week Pete decided to make use of our new found shade and finally do some more work on the fernery in amongst the weeks regular chores. Working away throughout the week setting the recycled posts and slowly fitting together our left over tin and timber to maximise its use he ended up getting everything done by the weekend and was even kind enough to order 5 cubic meters of soil for us to shovel 🙂

When it comes to projects like this the shovelling is always fun as its right before the fun step of planting, but before we could get too excited we had to do some weed prevention in the way of newspaper and cardboard layered nice and thick. Next came that 5m of soil/mushroom compost mix layered with straw, cow and sheep manure and some rock minerals, blood & bone and even some of the goats winter fluff, watered in thoroughly. Then the fun part, PLANTING!

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