Brambles Begin

This week on the farm some more berry plants arrived in the post!! We now have loganberry, boysenberry tayberry and youngberry plants, plus some extra blueberry plants, but are still waiting on the raspberry and blackberry varieties to come. With Spring starting to ramp up we got straight into potting up and planting out! As you can see Chiya was there to keep an eye on the quality of planting.

We have also been testing a few options for mulch on our blueberry and strawberry rows. By covering the weed mat layer we are hoping to keep the soil and plant roots cooler, which will hopefully result in the plants needing less water and improved fruit. A local arborist kindly donated us some wood chips from a job and they have gone on the strawberries and around the base of the blueberries. We’re trying out long fibre straw on the blueberries which will hopefully be resistant to the wind and stay on a little better.

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