Bees coming out of winter

With spring unfolding before our eyes here on the farm the bees have been in full swing coming out of winter. Being the first winter for our bees we decided to leave two brood boxes for them with lots of honey over winter (after harvesting our flow once!) and this looks like its paid off coming into spring as the numbers are amazing.

Lucky for us I was home and spotted a small swarm sitting under our hive, (our spare box was set up a little to close, another learning) but was in the middle of a urgent tractor repair so was unable to catch the bulk but did get a small cluster into our spare hive. The next day we put our Flow Hive on while waited for a visit from our mentor Pete to guide us through our first inspection after winter.

WOW! What an amazing sight, health brood, full frames, the flow already being filled with honey after a few days, and queen cells galore. So Pete and I got to work splitting out 7 frames of brood and honey along with a couple of the best queen cells into our spare hive leaving lots of space in the old one and another couple of nice queen cells. Not a bad arvos work ending up with two hives full of bees!

We left them locked in the hive for a couple of days to ensure they reorientated to their new hive and they going strong, we will do an inspection in the coming weeks and hopefully put another super on each hive.

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