More Beds

The last week or so we have been preparing for another arrival of plants. This time we have raspberry, blueberry, loganberry, blackberry (non invasive type) and boysenberry. The plants are teeny tiny, so not all will fruit this season, but we’re hoping that some of the raspberries will.

Pete has built a new bed former so that we can get some additional height on our rows but this has led to new challenges in how the weed matting goes down.
We learnt the hard way about not cutting in green manure crops in a timely manner. They proved a bit of a challenge for the rotary hoe, but a few passes soon got them in order, we still had to do a bit more by hand with the shovel and rake hoe and lay out the weed matting by hand

The weed matting has been one of the clearest indication of learning as you go, no comparison between the quality of our fist row vs the last!

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